10 reasons why you should rely on WordPress to build your website

There are approximately two billion websites on the Internet, and this number is increasing every second. When it comes to creating your website you have unlimited options. Fortunately, with WordPress, you can have the website of your dreams even on a limited budget. But first, you must know what WordPress is and what advantages it offers you.
What is WordPress?
WordPress is a content management system, or CMS, that allows you to create, organize, design, and manage the content of your website easily and conveniently. There are two forms or sites of WordPress services, and What is the difference between them? is a completely free online platform hosted by WordPress. However, your site will be very restricted when it comes to customizing the layout or widgets you need on your site.
As for the website, it is also free, but it relies on external hosting such as Bluehost, Hostgator, etc., and not on WordPress hosting. But it allows you to customize and program the content of your website as you wish without any restrictions. It is also an open-source system that you can easily modify, so it is the recommended option for building websites, which is the focus of this article.

Below we will present the 10 most important reasons for building your website using WordPress

1- Flexibility

WordPress is considered one of the largest content management systems in the world, thanks to its high flexibility. After installing WordPress on your domain, you can choose from thousands of pre-made templates. Some of these templates are free and some require payment to obtain them. These templates give you the freedom to customize your site as you wish.
It’s not just about using templates, there are also millions of plugins to choose from. These plugins expand the functionality of your site with just a few clicks. Thanks to plugins, you can use WordPress for almost anything like creating an online store, a membership site, a blog, and much more.
You do not have to learn programming languages to create a simple website using WordPress, but knowing a little HTML and CSS allows you to customize templates and plugins further.

2- Save time

With WordPress, you can upgrade your site within minutes. WordPress plugins can be installed in seconds and add functionality to your site instantly. Plugins can also simplify how you manage your website, automating tasks to save you a lot of time.

3- Saving money

WordPress is incredibly inexpensive. All you need to start your website is hosting and a domain, which can probably be purchased for about 40 to 60 dollars, and you can create a website using free templates and plugins.
You can also purchase a template or some other add-ons according to the needs of the site’s content, but there are no costs incurred by WordPress itself, as the system is completely free.

4- Easy to use

You don’t need to be a programming expert to use WordPress. Some knowledge of computers and the Internet is of course necessary, but you don’t need to know programming languages like PHP to set up your site. WordPress is designed to be installed quickly and managed without any hassle.
Do you want to create a page or blog? Just use a text editor. The WordPress text editor is designed to work like Microsoft Word, which makes it easy to create a page or blog. Just use the text editor. You can easily customize your theme and add more details easily and quickly.

5- Huge support community

Millions of people use WordPress. If you are having a problem with your site, you can find it and fix it easily. You can also read previous topics and articles or get answers to your questions. If you don’t find what you need in the forums, there are thousands of WordPress tutorials on YouTube.

6- Ease of responsiveness to all types of screens

Compatibility of the site’s appearance on computers, and tablets, such as tablets and phones is not easy, but using WordPress it has become easy and convenient you can finish it with several clicks and you can see the result on all types of devices during the design.

7- Site security

You don’t have to pay expensive money to have a secure website. WordPress gives you Fort Knox-level security with regular updates. For additional protection, you can install free plugins. You can also use Akismet to stop spam comments and download iThemes to protect your site from malware.

8- Search engine friendly

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important strategies for making your business highly visible online. SEO can be time-consuming and has its share of difficulties, but WordPress greatly simplifies SEO to get you more clients.
Many plugins like Yoast SEO, Rank Math SEO, or All In One SEO can help your site stand out. These plugins enable you to edit meta descriptions, title tags, and keywords. If this sounds like it’s complicated, don’t worry. Even if you don’t know anything about SEO, these plugins offer suggestions and a step-by-step guide to installation and use.

9- Ideal Marketing

WordPress helps you with key aspects of marketing to attract more customers in less time. You can connect to your social media accounts to automatically post new content without lifting a finger.
You can download plugins to split-test your landing pages. You can also download add-ons to facilitate your communication with customers and provide consultations and technical support.


10- Fast website loading

To keep your site fast, choose a fast template and improve your page load time by reducing image size, caching, and reducing code. For even more speed, use a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which helps you deliver content with shorter loading times. You can download some add-ons that can reduce the size of the assets and programming codes, which speeds up the site.

In the end, after you finish reading this article, do you find it tempting to try building a website from scratch to get a super-customized experience?
But why waste time, money, and effort? If you want a budget-friendly experience that saves time, money, and effort and is easy to use in the long run, WordPress is the place for you.

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